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bayadere 2005.07.06

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Wednesday 06 July - 06 August 2005
Opening on Wednesday 06 July 2005 after 17h

23,Rue Louis Blanc
75010 Paris

tle/fax (0033)142 092 055

Metros: Louis Blanc (7,7bis) or Jaurés (2,5,7bis) 

opening time 11h -19:30h
Closed on sundays.


The Poster(A4) and invitation

This exhibition, called "Apsara 5", has 31 paintings, landscapes and abstracts, 5 of which have been previously shown.


  • Published on a2ztamil website beginning of June 2005 
  • Interview of myself published by TTN TV  on 05July2005
  • Published on Thinnai website 07July2005
  • Video of The Exhibition made by TTN TV and broadcast on "Vanakkam Europa" programme on 10July2005.
  • Published on Appaal-Tamil website 13July2005
    அப்பால் தமிழ்
    de VPVASUHAN. வாசுகன். ஈழத்து ஓவியர் வி.பி.வாசுகனின்
    அப்சரா - 5 ஓவியக் கண்காட்சி ...( google) index.php?option=content&task=view&id=356 - 37k -
  • Article on Cyprus-weekly newspaper 14July2005 about visit to "BIG BANG" Exhibition at the Centre Pompidou before and after V.P.Vasuhan's exhibition
    Arts, by Glyn Hughes
    No sooner than VP Vasuhan and I entered the "Disillusioned Body" section than
    there was a chap wiping up all the be-splattered blood on the floor. ... (google) heading=Arts,%20by%20Glyn%20Hughes - 53k -
  • Article on "Cyprus-weekly newspaper 28July2005
    Arts, by Glyn Hughes
    The last time Vasuhan Poobalasingham was seen painting in Nicosia was when he
    ... Vasuhan had already completed a tawny, subtle Braque, and a magnificent ...(28 July 2005 -) heading=Arts,%20by%20Glyn%20Hughes - 54k -
  • Interview of myself by Mr.S.K.Rajen (Broadcaster of IBC radio London) inside the Gallery on 04Aug2005 at 11:30-12:15
    updated 04082005

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