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26 November 2004 , 162107  visitors  


EKATE MEMORIES: The late Adamantis Diamantis and Antoinette (Photo by Georges der Parthogh)

Consider the trees

WITH all the bumf piling up on the Arts Desk and designer ambition clogging every bit of information, please have a thought for all those trees being chopped down.

And also for the genuine artist waiting to speak to you.

We have the genuine thing at Staffolini

Hussein Chalayan was born in Cyprus in 1970 and is above all this walking on eggshells.

Meanwhile, we wait with fear and trembling for the Power House blockbuster Crusades, Myths and Realities opening on Wednesday December 1, which is dealt elsewhere in the paper.

Outsiders at the Gate!

Somebody was playing a sonata on the grand piano in Melina Mercouri Hall, to celebrate 40 Years of EKATE (the Cyprus Chamber of Fine Arts).

It was genuine painter Rhea Bailey.

Daphne Trimiklinioti, of the executive committee, also a genuine painter, was subtly and gently in charge. Possibly hundreds of works, some good, some bad, were waiting to be hung.

You could ask don't some of the artists put in better work? But it was always like that. The only way to have an updated show is to have a subject with everybody; whether painter, sculptor, ceramist, weaver, installationist, video taker, a happener, a performer or even a thinker providing work done in the year of the exhibition.

In other words; Post-Last EKATE.

This does not mean cutting out the traditionalists. In fact, the older generation, Emelios Symeonides, Dikaos and the two Economous provided the most genuine contributions.

Whether very early work or brave new attempts, the bus-pass generation survive.

Democratic EKATE always had its problems. In the sixties, someone correctly moaned, "So & so has sent the same two in again."

In another decade one artist, backed by a posse of family, came in after the show had been hung and removed a large Serghiou Serghiou (of a lusty priest) to be replaced by his own even larger masterpiece with hidden eroticism (the Cyprus life force again) surging forth.

At another time, an artist demanded her piece be at a position (and angle) which could be seen immediately when the president himself entered.

Sometimes the media rushes to a work by an unknown. (?) We don't have a visual version of the casting couches (yet!) but it must be nice to have a cousin who works on the telly.

This year the works were hung well.

A little squashed for those used to Tate Modern but The Melina and Famagusta Gate corridors are not really spacious enough for the current artistic renaissance. In fact, there were many, many absentees. I couldn't hear much of a NOISE and not all those living WITHIN THESE WALLS exhibited.

Turkish Cypriot artists were not so obvious as much as last year. I'm not sure why. Last year they were certainly more dominant.

Otherwise, with so many kinds of art these days it's asking too much hoping to find a Cypriot art style that would include for example a Kececi Esers sculpture, a Grahame Parry painting, a Revekka nude, a Grigoris Klokkos naOve, a Thraki Jones masterwork, a Yiannis Economou video.

We are so splendidly fertile.

There were some over-the-top non-worked out abstracts which smacked of the interior decorators brigade.

Isn't there a Designers Union Show for this kind of thing?

Figuration is making a comeback, it appears.

Forty Years. That's a very long time for this country.


Above it all

Hussein Archimede Staffolini

I AM an ideas person said Hussein Chalayan at his thought provoking press conference ahead of his Archimede Staffolini show.

He has a shop in Japan (awards galore) but his art is certainly miles away from a pretty frock.

The Arts Page gave details of his films at Staffolini last week but I have been culling from his rave reviews.

Greg Hilty, in Modern Paintings, writes: "In a final coup de theatre in his spring/summer 1998 show, a model appeared naked except for a black chador covering her head and eyes."

Our own Artrageous Group could learn a snippet from one film that shows women donning clothes made from chair covers then turning the chairs into suitcases for a journey. Hussein Chalayan is on the world's stage. Above it all here. We need him.

Then, Ahu Antmen writes about Hussein's piece at PROJE4l titled Place to Passage.

''Set for a journey to Geneva, Rome, Berlin and Utrect, Hussein Chalayan's 2003 film is on show at Istanbul, the city that the artist's specially-designed futuristic capsule reaches after leaving London. It is a futuristic journey, described as a contemporary odyssey - an artist's homecoming from the west to the east. The familiar panoramas of two old cities reach each other through time and space, strangely familiar in the background of the image of futuristic travel.

"But Place to Passage also takes us somewhere we know we've all been before. Like the androgynous passenger (Bennu Gerede) who falls asleep, foetus like, as if in a mother's womb, we are reminded of another journey, the one certainty of life: we are born, we live, we die. The capsule's journey seems a metaphor for what the ancient Greeks called kenoma, the state of our wandering blindly as alienated exiles in a world that only seems familiar and which one poet called 'the cosmological emptiness in which we wander and weep '."

Also, curator Susie Allen in Tribe Art while at the 2003 Venice Biennale observed that Chalayan is a Turkish Cypriot, born in a country divided for over 40 years. He was educated in London and continues to live there but his spiritual home is Istanbul.

Like Cyprus, Istanbul has experienced division. Its history part Christian, part Muslim and its present: half European, half Asian. Russian ships steam down the Bosphorus through the heart of Istanbul; to the Mediterranean with cargo that by law, Turkey cannot know about or challenge.

In Place of Passage, he explored the implications of speed and technology on our contemporary psyche by using layers of metaphors and symbols: from racing car to a blanket, an oil tanker to a Mosque or a gaze of memory.

Even though physical or psychologial displacement and political implications are hinted at in the film, the viewer is allowed an intimate moment of personal contemplation.

This is Hussein Chalayan's first solo exhibition in Cyprus. The exhibition consists of five films, including his most recent work "Anaesthetics" (2004) Hussein Chalayan was born in Nicosia in 1970. He graduated from Central St Martin's College in London and his final year collection in 1993, "The Tangent Flows", featured clothes covered with lead shavings that had been buried and exhumed.

The collection was displayed in the window of Brown's, London's famous fashion emporium. He was the second only ever designer to be awarded this privilege, the first being John Galliano in 1984. Chalayan has twice been awarded the highest fashion accolade "British Designer of the Year" (1999, 2000).

His work has been included in major exhibitions, including "Century City" at Tate Modern, "Fashination" at the Moderna Museet, Stockholm, the 7th Istanbul Biennale, "Goddess: The Classical Mode" at the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), New York, "Radical Fashion" at the Victoria & Albert Museum, " Jam: Tokyo/London" at the Barbican Art Gallery and others.

He is best known for his thought-provoking and intense collections that have often been described as art installations.

Omnipresent since the beginning of his career, art has been successfully interwoven with fashion. His intellectual approach to design and his conceptual penchant have led him to realizing projects outside the confines of fashion and independent of his collections.

Hussein Chaglayan's exhibition at Archimide Staffolini has opened and will be continuing until the December 23.

Glynnis Fawkes' Alambrama Moufflon

THE exhibition of an Artist's Book - Alambrama, by Glynnis Fawkes - has opened at Moufflon.

This is an accordion-shaped book (31x210cm) in watercolour.

Showing a view east from the hill above Almyras. Towards the small smelting site of Almyras.

Glynnis's exhibition continues until December 4. Hours of opening are 9.30-6.30.

The archaeologist/artist says of her work:: "It may follow in the tradiion of the 19th century artist-travellers (Edward Lear in Greece, David Roberts in Palestine, Edmond Duthoit, in Cyprus, among others ). Artists produced collections of drawings and watercolours of the historic sites they visited, in some cases to be reproduced as etchings and sold in their home countries as souvenirs of the lands made famous in antiquity.

Photography and the easy reproductions of pictures on postcards or in guidebooks have done away with the demand for artists as the primary recorders on historical sites and the landscape."

Claudia Doumet-Nearchou

THE COOP Cultural Centre at 97 Gladstonos Street, in Limassol, was the setting

last night for the opening of an exhibition by Claudia Doumet- Nearchou.

The works will be on display until Sunday.

Entitled Latin America and Cyprus Through My Eyes, this seems like a very good show, indeed.

Claudia tells the Arts Page: "I was born in Ecuador, South America, on September 7, 1964. From an early age I started drawing and painting.

"Creativity has always been as essential part of me. A work of art is the need for the artist to find a balance between oneself and God, between my inner world and the outside world.

"Painting is the adventure in which I can transform my fantasies into reality using colours, texture, space and light.

"It is that perennial need to transcend time and mortality leaving the result of our creation to posterity.

"I started my studies of art at the Brazilian Centre of Studies back in 1981. Later on, in 1983 I moved to Lyon, France, where I carried on studying at L'atelier des Trois Soleils and at I'Ecole du Petit College. "My work mainly consists of oils, gouache, pastels and few charcoals. They are inspired by Latin American landscapes in Ecuador and in Brazil and lately by Greek Mythology."

On the art horizon

ANDREA Kampanella has filled Pantheon (Nicosia) with glorious nudes of both sexes.

They are superbly-framed in plexiglass and curated with designer flair. To me the best are when the artist pushes knowingly into aesthetically-correct abstraction.

That excellent painter, Maryam Soukarova Foukara, is showing small figurative paintings at Kyklos, Paphos, from next Friday. Meanwhile, the Japanese artist is at this delightful gallery until Tuesday.

There are 17 Greek artists exhibiting at the CK Studio (next to the Cleopatra) in Nicosia: well known, e.g. Mytaras and Fassionos and the not-so-well-known (here), although they may be in Greece.

Theresa French is exhibiting her watercolours at En Plo, Paphos.

Limassol waits for the exhibition of highly-imaginative pieces by Doros Heracleous at Morphi Gallery.

Aleca Madella has her exhibition ready. But where and when?

Kika Ioannidou's autumn/winter collection must have started. A card arrives saying its ready. The address 14 E.Papaioannou str. Nicosia.

Katia Agroti's Treasure opens her Aladdin's cave tomorrow, Saturday, November 27 from 5.30pm to 9pm.

There will be rich, fine and warm coloured jewels: brown diamonds, rubellites, turmalines, citrines, garnets, smoked and rutilated quarz, labradorites, moss agates. Until Sunday 5th December.

Shaen Dry's Half Forgotten Dreams, images of flowers, grasses and leaves captured on film can be seen at Opus 39 from Monday until December 11.

p.s. Kypriaki Gonia has at its disposal the sale of a most beautiful Telelmanthos Kanthos painting titled "The Yellow Plain," signed and dated 1980.. Offers will be opened in the presence of the interested persons on Saturday, November 27 at 11am.

Tel 24621109 or 99566431

Glyn at Gloria's

Personally I'm still walking on eggshells at Glorias still finding it terribly difficult to get away from it all.

The show open As for the kapeleio, well for a couple of days I used Glorias, to save walking time.

Photo captions


!: CURTAIN RAISER: Ex-EKATE contributor V P Vasuhan is currently exhibiting at Bayadere, 23 Rue Louis Blanc, Paris. Remember him. He painted for the EKATE French Masterpiece tribute show at the Melina a few years ago. Where are these works now?

2: EKATE MEMORIES ONE The late Adamantis Diamantis and Antoinette (photo by Georges der Parthogh)

3: EKATE MEMORIES TWO: The Yellow Plain. Telemanthos Kanthis Masterwork for sale at Kypriaki Gonia

4: EKATE PRESENT: Maryam Soukarova Foukara. Currently at the Melina Show and, from December 3, at Kyklos, Paphos

5: LOTS OF BACKBONE: Eser Kececi at the EKATE show.

6: WORLD FAME: Hussein Chalayan, at Archimede Staffolini Gallery.

(Courtesy of the artist/gallerist/Archimede Staffolini Gallery

continued from disk of Arts Page for the 26th November

Hellenic Spirit

Aristides Patsoglou Hellenic Banks Central Building

The prestigious sculptor and painter Aristides Patsoglou's exhibition at the Hellenic Bank Cultural Centre has now opened.

An art statement from the Bank says:

"The cultural arena is for the Hellenic Bank an area of particular interest and significant initiatives. In this framework and with great sensitivity the Hellenic Bank responded to the Greek Embassy's request to co-sponsor the sculpture exhibition of one of the most significant communicators and creators of modern sculpture, Aristides Patsoglou.

Aristides Patsoglou was born on the island of Lesvos in Greece in 1941 and settled in Athens with his family in 1952.

The name "Helenic Spirit" defines this exhibition. Despite the fact that Aristides Psatsoglou lives and works in France his work is absolutely connected to the Greek community. By using his imagination, creativity, thoughtfulness and incomparable skill, the artist creates inspired works that blend everyday life with tradition with absolute success."

Women in the Arts Volume 3 Yacht Cafe, Larnaca

This information has come in a bit late for the Arts Page. However it will be opened on this Sunday by one of my favourite artists, Aleca Madella, at 7 pm., continuing until the 15th of December.The Women exhibiting are: Andri Lytra, Anastasia Onisiforou, Loukia Zachariadou and Christiana Constantinou.




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CURTAIN RAISER: Ex-EKATE contributor V P Vasuhan is currently exhibiting at Bayadere, 23 Rue Louis Blanc, Paris. Remember him. He painted for the EKATE French Masterpiece tribute show at the Melina a few years ago. Where are these works now?