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 V. P. Vasuhan in Paris


While we ponder what is going to happen to our art when we all get together and the Conceptualists both Greek or Turkish Cypriots merge (or clash) consider the creations other communities make on this island as well.

The new ones, too. Have you checked your Filipino ‘maid’s’ embroidery recently?

Maybe she weaves secretly in the evenings. Have you observed that a Bangladeshi student’s out of schools paintings have something special? The colour is amazing.

Cyprus art is becoming global in every way.

V. P. Vasuhan – from Sri Lanka - used to work in a flower shop in Nicosia. Now he exhibits in Paris. Following the Savva trail in a way.

Missed his exhibition at Bayadere, Paris last month but he sent me the images.

Exceptionally beautiful work.

Remarkable imagery.

A comment by Vasuhan:

"Every exhibition takes place with different paintings and different visitors. I feel that my journey has brought me far, and that I still have very far to go.

I am usually looking ahead, absorbed with my future plans and art, and at the opening of an exhibition discussions with my friends and visitors make me look back again.

This exhibition was a step up for me, but I missed Valerie Geoffrey, deputy Mayor of Saint Ouen, who had made a speech at each of my previous exhibitions, and who passed away last June."

Paintings can be viewed on